About Yike

A mountain does not necessary to be high, as long as there lives a saint, it will get good fame.

Shanghai Yike E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (Yike) was formed on the eve of the advent of the mobile Internet. It is rooted in Shanghai, the frontier city of rapid economic development in China and even in the world. By virtue of favorable conditions and the unity of all employees to forge ahead, Yike pursues technological innovation, business innovation and management innovation, and has gradually grown into a "professional company based on big data technology that takes precise promotion as its product and aims to help Customers improve marketing efficiency."

Core Businesses
  • Smart SMS

    Applicable business scenarios including User Login, Sign Up, Forget Password, Payment Verification, Abnormal Login, etc. High channel quality, with 99.99% of arrival rate; response in seconds; cover all number segments of China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom.

  • Smartphone Ads

    To acclimatize itself to the changes in the WIFI market and explore new ways to increase the value of WIFI traffic, Yike has successively built AD Hub, an advertisement publishing system based on home WIFI, in nearly 100 cities in East China, North China, Northeast China and Central China.

  • Precision Marketing

    Update data acquisition source every day; obtain demand data dynamically in real time.

  • Brand

    Brand planning, brand communication and brand marketing are integrated

  • Latest News
    • DPMS officially launched, Yike new and old customers have tried

      In the era of highly developed Internet technology, the traditional marketing methods are gradually outdated, and the new marketing method based on big data cloud computing begins to appear. At this time, the big data cloud computing marketing system DPMS (digital precision marketing system) developed by Yike in recent two years has been officially launched......

    • Yike focuses on developing AD hub to help e-commerce win more business opportunities.

      Yike devotes itself to developing AD hub to help e-commerce win more business opportunities. In order to enable more e-commerce companies to provide low-cost diversion under suitable online shopping scenarios, Shanghai Yike e-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yike) devotes itself to the research and development of ad hub, a mobile advertising platform based on home WiFi.

    • Yike’s way with SMS, worth exploring!

      After years of operation, we have accumulated market experience and improved the publishing technology. It is loved by many Internet advertising companies, mobile games, Internet finance, e-commerce, and various mobile app developers